Среда, 30 Июль 2014 07:54

Happiness is easy


My first hot cup of tea was consumed today while walking barefoot on a sandy beach feeling the warm sea washing my heels and ankles. I then landed on an idly standing chaise longue, in which I collapsed and dozed for five minutes… Maybe a little longer... I met the sunrise doing a few yoga asanas breathing in the fresh salty air… And a short time after that I let the sea waters embrace me. What a blissful sensation – diving into the depths of warm waves that are rocking you as if letting your morning sleep to linger…

I climbed the stairs leading to the park close by and found a decent bench, from which I could observe sleepy dog owners with their beloved pets, street cleaners sweeping the road dust right into those dog owners’ faces and again – the magnificent, magnetic sunlit sea!

I couldn’t help thinking about how lucky I am to have been born near the sea, how blessed I am to be able to see this beauty around me, to walk and run and swim here! How little we actually need to be happy. Just look around… How beautiful life is… How interesting it can be… How rewarding… How enjoyable...

I love you, my dear life!


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